The goal of the freethinking school's preschool program (1.5 – 6 years) is to unbox a child's talents and creativity. We follow the Montessori method of education that develops the child's five senses through manipulative materials in the classroom, providing for hands-on education. These materials are arranged in a progression of graduating difficulty, allowing the child to progress at his own pace.

Dr. Maria Montessori described ages 3 to 6 as the second phase of the 'sensitive period'. This is a time of enormous developmental leaps, when children are ready to expand their vocabulary, grasp math concepts, and develop habits for working with others.

This program is split into 3 levels. After completing level 3, the children are eligible to enter Class 1.



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the education of even a small child, therefore,
does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.

Dr. Maria Montessori


Where do we learn the lessons that we need for life? Is it in the classroom? Or by observing firsthand through field trips, talks by lifelong experts in a field, a customised curriculum that draws from all fields for a balanced viewpoint, or even themes that link together supposedly random topics to draw out underlying links and connections.

"Experience" is the master teacher that spontaneously ignites a love for learning by doing, observing and experimenting. It is the TFS experience that keeps our little freethinkers actively engaged and enthralled in discovery.


With attractive Montessori materials, kids are free to explore, question and reason for themselves. We’ve put together a customized curriculum of various teaching methods to give our kids a holistic learning experience.


For children upwards of 3.5 years, we have divided the day into two halves. While the morning half is focused on core subjects, the second half is time for them to explore their creativity.


We draw on life experts who work alongside classroom teachers to integrate art, music, dance and physical education through the day to further enhance the child’s experience.


Field trips to familiar places such as the local grocery stores, parks, libraries, restaurants etc., build on children’s interests especially since it is a natural extension to classroom learning; intended to expand their knowledge to the next level, where it is applied.


The freethinking space is an authentic and charming to cater to the early childhood program. Within the specially prepared indoor and outdoor environments, children freely engage in constructive activities for practical life, sensorial development, language, math, music, dance and movement. It is a preparation of life, which will benefit the child for years to come. Appropriate technological experiences are utilized as a catalyst in the classroom for improved physical, cognitive and social development.

thematicunitbased experiences

Through our inquiry generating themes children explore and understand a vast body of knowledge, making connections to their prior knowledge, gaining perspectives and offering opportunity for creative thought. These themes transcend boundaries of discipline; which link various subject strands that the topic touches upon, thereby broadening and strengthening their long-term understanding of the key idea.

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At The Freethinking School, we encourage your curiosity to understand our methodology better. Please do feel free to call or write to us about any query you may have regarding your child's formative education.

Admission is open all year round as and when a child turns 1.5 years

9.00am to 12.30pm for age group 2.5 to 3.5 years; 9.00am to 2.30pm for age group 3.5 years plus.

The programs offered at the freethinking school are broadly based on montessori principles and layered with other hands-on learning experiences that will engage and involve all their senses, making learning fun, real and permanent. these experiences take into consideration their multiple intelligences such as - math, logical, linguistics, body kinaesthetic (dance), music, aesthetics (art), interpersonal (social etiquette), intra-personal (practical life), and spiritual intelligence (building strong values).

For the Preschool children we have music, dance, art and craft, theatre etc as a part of the curriculum. We also have an After School Club that offers various activities that is open to all other children. Please visit the After School page for details.

We have an After School Care program that runs from 12.30 to 5.30pm. Please visit the After School page for details.

The Freethinking School methodology engages the children, treats them as individuals, equips them with freedom, stimulates curiosity, builds confidence, educates them to be responsible, and instills a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

Our programs develop a culture of sharing. Children are encouraged to learn to inspire, not compete with each other. But most important of all, every child is celebrated. Such a collaborative culture ensures no child ever fails. That is the true success of our program.

  • Top notch Montessori materials
  • Well maintained facility
  • Customised indoor play areas
  • Well equipped library

The student -teacher ratio is 1:10 thus meeting international standards.

No. These come at an extra cost. Kindly fill in the request form by clicking the snack icon on this page.

Yes, kindly fill in the request form by clicking the transport icon on this page.

We have 24 hour security guards, CCTV cameras, full time attenders and our ever-attentive teachers.






admission is open all year round as and when a child turns 2.5 years